Company’s Coming!

As a child I loved it when my mother would announce, “company’s coming!”  Immediately the house would fill with excitement.  My mother always made the best “party foods”.  Entertaining in our home meant that the aromas of her best recipes were about to be traveling through our home.  Our house would be set and decorated with the theme of the gathering.  I would spend forever exploring my closet making the oh so important decisions of what I was wearing and how to wear my hair.  I loved these moments.  I love these memories.


As an adult I have carried on my love for entertaining in our homes.  My husband and I open our homes, wherever we are, to our friends and families as often as possible.  From large elaborate events to backyard barbecues to our traditional Sunday family dinners with our children and their friends, we enjoy entertaining.  We love to plan the menu, decorate, choose the perfect music and/or game for our events (board games and football – Go LSU!  Go Saints!).  When we travel we love exploring and finding the treasures of the area.  Learning the cultures of the regions and bringing them home with us to share with our friends and family brings on a whole new experience in entertaining.

I am excited to have you all join me through our adventures of entertaining and travel!  From our homes to our favorite restaurants and travel we will explore new places and cuisine and share our journeys with you!  We love it when company’s coming and we love that it is you!  Welcome to our adventures!


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