Lakeshore Landing

We are always up for an adventure.  Originally this past weekend we were all going separate ways with our plans.  We had one competing with his soccer team in Dallas, one competing with her team in Jackson, MS and then the other was planning on just hanging out at home.  Well, thanks to Hurricane Harvey all plans were changed.  So we canceled flights and hotels and pulled out an invitation that we had received a few weeks prior.  I made the call to our friends, apologized for our last minute R.S.V.P. making sure we were still able to attend and it was a Yes!

So, this past weekend we were invited to a special preview event at the newly developed Lakeshore Landing in New Orleans near the Lakefront Airport.  The Lakeshore Landing is a re-developed area on Lakeshore Drive that has plans to have many features such as bars, restaurants, entertainment areas, shops, and an amphitheater for entertainment.  I was so excited to see all of the work that has been completed so far.  So we loaded up the Suburban with our kiddos and their friends and headed that way.

Our friends , Otto and Kelly Dinkelacker with Atelier Orleans are the architects for this project.  They have been working with the developers Mary and Roland Von Kurnatowski , founders of the Tipitina’s Foundation, owners of the venue Tipitina’s and partners in the renovation of the Orpheum Theater.  Honestly, how could they go wrong?  This is definitely going to be amazing!

When we arrived we were already impressed just with our drive up to the venue.  We have lived in the New Orleans area for 26 years and had no idea that there was a marina near the Lakefront Airport.  It was a beautiful backdrop for this project!  When we walked up to the entrance I was afraid we were a little too early, as we were arriving exactly at the start time of 3:00p.m.  To my surprise there were many people ahead of us.  The bars were open selling local beers, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.  There were lots of natural and modern wooden and metal elements that fit the nautical theme.  There were plenty of areas to sit and enjoy the views of Lake Pontchartrain and the breeze from the lake was a great relief from the summertime heat.  We found our way to a set of tables that had large renditions of what’s next for this development hanging on the walls.  There was a stage with live music playing and some people were even up dancing.  Our friends arrived with their family and we walked down a winding sidewalk between the outdoor area and the marina that led us to a beautiful shaded area that I instantly thought would be great for a wedding.  It  was open to the water and the ceiling was reminiscent of a pergola, only very modern.  We sat for a minute in this area and again the breeze and views were so nice.  Our friends then led us down the walk way to find a boathouse that was showcasing the National WW II Museum‘s fully restored PT-305 boat.  This was a very impressive site and will definitely be a great attraction for this venue.  Because the restaurant area has not been completed, they had food trucks outside of the boathouse.  We ate some yummy food from Frencheeze Food Truck!  We shared a Percvial Sandwich.  The Percival consisted of very tender and full of flavor Hoison glazed brisket, bright flavors from Razz Jam, creamy goat cheese, pickled onions (we gave those to Otto…not a fan of pickled onions), on toasted french bread for just $9. We couldn’t pass up Frencheeze’s Truffle Fries that were topped with Parmesan and Rosemary Aioli for only $5!  The food was fabulous!  After eating we made our way back up to the main staged area and enjoyed time with our friends and then headed home.

We are so impressed with the areas that our friends have designed!  Can’t wait to go back and see the next phase complete!

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