I have a love for city life and all that it brings to the table.  I enjoy learning about the different cultures, walking through the paths of the history, experiencing the food, and getting inspired through the architecture.  One city that we recently traveled to was Boston, MA.  This is a city that much like New Orleans is very rich in history and culture.

After lots of searching, reading reviews of where to stay and why we chose The Boxer, a boutique hotel in downtown Boston on Merrimac Street. We chose this hotel because we wanted something small and intimate and we wanted to be centrally located where we could walk or ride a bike anywhere within the city. It is very close to the TD Garden which hosts basketball games, concerts, etc.  The Boxer has a wonderful restaurant, The Finch Boston North End,  with a nice variety of choices on their menu such as, clam chowder, crab cakes, fish and chips and burgers.  Their mixologist behind the bar are top notch.  We especially enjoyed their French 75 and Vieux Carré.

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We spent a lot of time walking and I suggest that you bring comfortable shoes.  Walking is definitely the best way to see everything.  One of my favorite stops was the Boston Public Market on Hanover Street.  This market is full of fresh and seasonal foods and products from local vendors.  I could have spent hours in this place.  It was absolutely inspiring.  There is shopping, dining, art, coffee, cocktails, etc.  You name it, they have it!

We enjoyed exploring this city, looking at the architecture, statues and landscaping.  Boston is a very clean city full of history and flowers everywhere!  We stopped in several hole in the wall bars for seasonal local craft beers and of course, being tourists, we stopped in where everyone knows your name…Cheers!

The food in Boston was very good!  We enjoyed clam chowders, lobster bisque, lobster rolls, and oysters.  The only thing that I can say that all of the above mentioned menu items needed was Tabasco. Being from New Orleans, we like our food to have a little kick of spice added.  We were so happy to find that every restaurant that we dined in had Tabasco!

The presence of Italian heritage was huge.  I truly enjoyed walking through Little Italy and soaking up all that it had to offer. We stopped at a little restaurant called Antico Forno for a quick pizza and glass of wine for lunch.  We ordered a Vesuvio pizza.  This pizza was made with fresh made crust, topped with fresh mozzarella, ricotta, prosciutto, roasted peppers and cherry tomatoes.  So delicious and not too heavy!  After lunch we continued walking, seeing the sights, shopping and people watching.  We stopped in for a cup of cappuccino at the Caffe dello sport.  This was one of my favorite stops in Little Italy.  First, they won me over with such an extensive coffee menu.  Then I noticed that every T.V. had soccer games playing!  Love that!  Finally, there was a group of elderly gentlemen who appeared to be regulars.  They were all speaking Italian.  It started with just a couple of them and grew to a group of 5.  They were laughing, enjoying soccer and enjoying whatever was in their flask along with their coffee.  These men were so happy to be together, hanging out, enjoying each other’s company.  Finally the last stop for us that day was the infamous Mike’s Pastry.  Just one word…WOW!  The displays were amazing to look at and made it very hard to choose.  It was like walking into Baskin Robbin’s where there are 31 flavors to choose from only there were more flavors and they were all cannolis! We picked out two to share, an espresso and a chocolate chip.  Well, needless to say we felt obligated to return on our way to the airport to pick up a couple of dozen cannolis for our children and friends to enjoy.  When we arrived  the line was out the door, but it moved incredibly fast.  So if you go to indulge at Mike’s and the line is long, no worries!  Their friendly staff is quick and very knowledgeable!  They also pack to travel!

We love sports!  Especially soccer, football and baseball (in that order)!  So of course we had to go see the Red Sox play in Fenway Park!  It was so much fun!  Our seat locations were ok, but the excitement in the air was the best part!  They, like the Chicago Cubs, have some serious Red Sox fans!



Our get-a-way to Boston was definitely one to remember and we will most definitely return.  I would actually love to maybe head to the east coast during the holidays.  maybe do a combination of New York and Boston. My biggest tips would be to check out some of the boutique hotels and to wear some comfortable shoes.  The best way to explore this city and all that it has to offer is on foot!





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